A friend of mine made a fascinating point yesterday.

We were stuck sleeping on the same mattress at a mutual friend of ours after a night on the town and we had only one blanket between us. The blanket’s size was such that only one of us could be warm at a time.

“You know what’s crazy?” Mike asked. “As much as I love you as a friend and as much as I believe in making sacrifices to help others, as soon as we both fall asleep there is going to be a vicious war over this blanket.”

I died laughing because it was such a potent truth.

Mike went on: “That’s why I can’t fully respect Christianity,”  he said, “because at the heart of it, we are all selfish beings. Christianity is all about living life to serve others but if it comes right down to it and we’re battling for warmth, I’ll always choose me over you.”

Not only was I intrigued by Mike’s extrapolation of this truth into the context of religion, I was surprised to hear him address a very fundamental paradox associated with his religion. It got me thinking: are there absolute truths that can resonate with people, even if the ideology they grew up with and subscribed to are blatantly inconsistent with them? It occurred to me that Mike couldn’t bring himself to dismiss the fact that humans are fundamentally self serving and seek survival above all else and how that was a direct contradiction to Christianity.

That’s a beautiful thing isn’t it? There may just exist certain universal facts that challenge and destroy misinformed or distorted ideologies. Like a rose from concrete, these truths may be able to shatter erroneous doctrines and the maladaptive, instrumental behaviours carried out merely to adhere to them.