Ever wonder about relationships? I sure do.

Recently it has occurred to me just how inherently tedious building a romantic relationship is. Make no mistake about it, it’s a game. And there’s no such thing as free lives.

It works like this: two people express general interest in each other, usually through some obscure medium like text messaging, Facebook comments or even Snap Chat, and from there it’s just an oscillation between liberation and insecurity as you try to manage the ever shifting power dynamic that is your new relationship.

I picture it as a teeter totter. You’ve got one person on either end and the goal is to meet in the middle. The middle, you know, where that everlasting happiness is. So each person nudges closer but as soon as one person reaches the whole thing comes crashing down. Care too much, you advance too quickly, the whole thing crashes down. Care too little, the other person advances too quickly (or recedes entirely) and the whole thing crashes down.

Am I the only person who sees it this way?

I know it sounds cynical but even if a relationship does advance, does it do so under the proper pretenses? Do we even allow ourselves to get exposed that early on? Or are we just a rotating display of  model personalities aiming simply to instill some intrigue in our partner? I argue the latter.

So there you have two people, doing their best to showcase their strengths and hide their weaknesses, falling in love with fragments of each others’ personalities, hoping all goes well and the wheels don’t fall off.

It just seems damned from the start.