I have to do a service to myself and journal about a good day for once. Because today was pretty swell. Everything was pretty whatever until I hit up restorative yoga in the evening. I learned how to settle into a deeper state of relaxation that was toeing the line of meditation towards the end of the session. It was an enormous exhale for an hour and fifteen and I felt like quality human being walking out of there.

What’s better is that the frame of mind actually lasted. I walked to the bus stop in a blissful stillness that seemed so fundamentally me. Whatever that means. I supplemented the mid frame with some Above & Beyond progressive trance which paired real nicely.

I may be glimpsing the true value of mindfulness and meditation. Up until this point these practices have acted more as a subtle retraction from stress. But today was different. It was like I tinkered with the systems and found a blow-off valve in great need of release and cranked that sucker wide open. Thoughts arose and fell with little emotional charge and I felt like I could sequence through ideas with intention and fluidity.

I’ll for sure be seeking to recreate today’s experience. Stay tuned for an update, my dear blog.